About sudburyfamilies.ca

Sudburyfamilies.ca is an integrated community website that connects families and professionals in Greater Sudbury to events, services and information for children- prenatal to age 12. The site is a project of the Best Start Network of Greater Sudbury and its development was funded, in part, by the Ministry of Children and Youth's Community Integration Leadership project.

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Best Start Network of Greater Sudbury

The Best Start Network is a partnership of education, early learning, health and social services serving children and families in Greater Sudbury. The Network receives administrative and coordination support from the City of Greater Sudbury and its partners are listed to the right.


The Best Start Network promotes healthy child development by supporting families and children through a responsive, flexible, comprehensive and seamless system.


Every child in the City of Greater Sudbury has the Best Start in life.

Desired Results

- Children ready for school

- Children achieving their full potential

- Inclusive and supportive communities

- Stable Families

Best Start Hubs

The 14 Best Start Hubs in Greater Sudbury, operated and coordinated by Best Start Partners, support the Best Start vision by offering children and families high quality services and providing a link into Best Start's full system of services.