About sudburyfamilies.ca

Sudburyfamilies.ca is an integrated community website that connects families and professionals in Greater Sudbury to events, services and information for children- prenatal to age 12. 

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Planning Network for Sudbury Families

The Planning Network will serve as the Early Years Community Planning Table mandated by the Ministry of Education, Early Years Branch. The purpose of the Planning Network is to facilitate collaborative program planning, foster partnerships and enhance public awareness related to early years programs and initiatives.

The Planning Network will report to Greater Sudbury Council through the system manager in order to obtain approval for action or implementation and to broader planning groups such as Partners for Children & Youth through municipal staff and group chairs. The Planning Network has two advisory committees:, the Aboriginal Advisory Committee and the Regional French Language Network. It will create working groups as needed to implement the planning work plan.


To plan programs and services that promote healthy childhood development by supporting children and families through a progressively integrated, responsive, flexible, comprehensive and seamless system.


To have equally invested partners planning flexible and seamless services for children and families throughout the community

Desired Results

Population Result #1: All children have access to quality / rich early years experiences

Population Result #2: All families are supported in their parenting role

Population Result #3: Partners are invested in quality programs and an integrated system


EarlyON Child and Family Centres

Five agencies provide EarlyON Child and Family Centre services to the City of Greater Sudbury. Most centres are located in schools to be close to where families live, work and play. 
A complete list of locations is available here.