Approximately every nine months, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care sets a new theme for the program. These themes relate to two key factors associated with healthy kids: physical activity and healthy eating.

The selection of themes is based on the latest and best available evidence regarding the risk and protective factors that contribute to childhood overweight and obesity.

Participating communities develop detailed theme-based action plans outlining the new or existing programs, policies and environmental supports that will be implemented in support of one of the healthy living themes (physical activity or healthy eating).

Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit

All kinds of groups will be joining forces in our community to support the Choose to boost
veggies and fruit theme. There will be new actions, programs, policies, and campaigns aimed
at making vegetables and fruit the easy choice for a meal or snack, in all the places kids spend time.

Water Does Wonders!

Water is the natural choice for our kids to stay healthy and hydrated. It is essential to keep their bodies working and growing properly. With water, there’s no need to worry about sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine. Let’s get our kids drinking more water and see how it really does wonders.

Run.Jump. Play. Everyday!

Read the Report Card for our first theme Run. Jump. Play. Everyday! and find out how we helped over 2800 kids in our community learn new skills, get outside, play and have active fun!