Getting help with parenting

Whether your child is 12-months-old or 12-years-old, you probably want to be the best parent ever. That means creating a happy, harmonious environment where your child is secure, has clearly defined limits and knows you’re there for him or her—no matter what.

Triple P—the Positive Parenting Program—can help you get there by developing strategies to deal with behaviour issues, or better still, prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Here’s a tip. When your child wants to show you something, stop what you are doing and pay attention. Find out how good it feels to spend frequent, small amounts of time with your child—doing the little things you both enjoy doing.

Here are 10 more quick tips that can help make parenting more enjoyable and rewarding.

The Triple P Ontario website is full of great information about positive parenting, including a wide selection of podcasts.

Learn how to avoid parenting traps that can make the difficult job of raising children even harder. Find out why discipline is not a dirty word. And, explore ways of dealing with everyday challenges like getting out the door on time and helping out around the house.

Go to the Triple P of Sudbury Manitoulin site to register for free Triple P services in our community—like seminars, parenting groups and one-on-one help from a trained Triple P consultant.

For more information about Triple P, call the Children’s Community Network at (705) 566 3416 or talk to the staff at your neighbourhood Best Start Hub.

If you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour, see these other topics on this site: Addressing concerns about your toddler’s or preschooler’s behaviour and Addressing concerns about your child’s mental health

Finally, for more help with parenting, have a look at these one-page reference sheets published by the Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs:

They don’t think like we do
Helping children behave well
Giving children feedback
Hidden messages of misbehaviour
Handy phrases for parents



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