Making sure you get the financial help you’re entitled to

One of the best ways to ensure you’re getting all of the financial help you’re entitled to is to file your income tax return.

To help you prepare to file your tax return, check out the Canada Revenue Agency’s online video series. And, for a step-by-step guide to filing a return, check out the agency’s website.

The United Way of Sudbury runs a free income tax preparation service from March 1 to April 30 for people with low incomes.

Online tax preparation services such as Ufile and Turbotax are free for low income families with simple returns.

The Ontario Ministry of Finance has prepared a list of tax credits and other benefits you may be entitled to. Check it out

For example, if a member of your family has a disability, you could be entitled to the Disability Tax Credit which may entitle you to generous tax credits, and increased Canada Child Tax Benefit amounts.

Or if your family's taxable income is modest and you have licensed child care costs, you may be eligible for assistance through the City's Child Care Subsidy program.

The Government provides generous grants for all families who open and pay into Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs) for their children. If your taxable income is low, you may be eligible for grants for your child's RESP even if you have no money to contribute yourself. Learn more here.

If you’ve lost your job and are looking for Employment Insurance benefits, here’s a link that will get you started.

And, if you’re in need of social assistance (Ontario Works or ODSP), go here for help.

For parents of newborns, there is a new online service that helps you complete all the steps to register the birth, get a birth certificate and make sure you are eligible for government benefits for your child, like the Canada Child Tax Benefit, or RESPs. It's called the Newborn Registration Service and it's available here

The new Benefits Finder from the Government of Canada will give you customized list of federal, provincial and territorial programs and services that you may be eligible for.


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