Making sure your home is safe for kids

Kids spend a lot of their time at home. So, making sure your home is ‘kid-safe’ can help to ensure against possible injuries or even death.

You’ll see from this recent report that accidental injuries are the leading cause of hospitalization and death among children over the age of one. Most of these ‘accidents’ were preventable.

So, what does a ‘kid-safe’ home look like?

Check out the Home Safety section of the Parachute Canada Injury Prevention website.

This site also gives safety tips and resources for bed time, play time, bath time and meal time, and more.

For more tips about kids’ safety, check out this Health Canada website.

And, for information about consumer products, including product recalls and how to report unsafe products, go to this section of the Health Canada website.

Here are more safety tips from Canada's pediatricians, dealing with a whole range of subjects - from firearms and trampolines, to food safety and pets.



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