Paying for child care

Paying for child care

If you and your partner are planning to return to work after your baby’s birth or adoption, you need to be prepared for the high cost of quality child care. The average cost for full-time, licensed child care for an infant is more than $1,100 a month.

But, these high costs don’t last forever.

As your child gets older, child care costs decrease. For a preschooler, the cost is about $880 a month. Once your child is in school, before and after school care is about $350 a month.

High quality, licensed child care is really an investment in your child’s future. The good news is, there’s help.

Most families are able to claim a tax deduction for their child care expenses. And, for families with high child care costs, the tax refund can be substantial.

The City of Greater Sudbury offers a child care subsidy program to help families with children twelve and under reduce their licensed child care costs. Check the table on the website to see if you may be eligible. For an assessment to see if your family qualifies for a child care subsidy, call 705-674-4455 ext 4279.



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