A Day With Ann Pelo - Pedagogical Leadership for Reimagining Our Work

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October 30, 2019
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Steelworkers Union Hall and Conference Center, 66 Brady St., Sudbury

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  • October 30, 2019


During our time together, we’ll consider the culture-making role of pedagogical leadership in the context of principles that can guide our work.

As supervisors and directors, we take on a range of roles in our relationships with teachers and educators. An integrating way in which we can view our work is to see ourselves as pedagogical leaders whose primary responsibility is culture-making.

As pedagogical leaders, we can invite and sustain an organizational focus on pedagogical practice—disciplined thinking and collaborative inquiry into the teaching and learning process. We can call forward values for critical thinking, glad collaboration, imagining, inventing, and questioning. This collective conversation creates an organizational identity—a communitywide culture—of teacher research, experimentation, and innovation.

This culture-making takes place informally, through regular conversations and stories about children’s and educators’ learning. It happens in the context of organizational structures like staff meetings and professional learning opportunities. It is strengthened by the use of a shared protocol for pedagogical documentation—the cycle of observation, study, and action that spins children and educators into deeper and more expansive inquiry.