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Wednesday October 24
Preventing disease through immunization

Immunizing your children is one of the best ways of protecting them against many common childhood diseases.

Promoting the social and emotional development of school-aged children
Promoting the social and emotional development of school-aged children

Children beginning school typically show signs of increasing independence. About now, children are developing new relationships with friends. And, they’re showing an increasing capacity to control their emotions and conform to norms, without direct supervision.

Promoting the social and emotional development of toddlers and preschoolers

As toddlers and preschoolers grow and develop, they learn how to manage their emotions by taking cues from the adults around them. Here’s some practical advice to help you help your young child deal with his or her difficult emotions.

Promoting your child’s cultural heritage and respect for diversity

People from all over the world have joined people of First Nations heritage—who have lived in this region from time immemorial—to make Greater Sudbury their home. The Paris Street Bridge of Nations is a visual reminder of the cultures and nationalities represented in our community.

Wednesday October 24
Promoting your child’s growth and development through primary school

School-aged children grow and develop at a slower pace than infants and toddlers. While kids grow and develop at different rates- depending on their nutrition, sleeping habits, physical activity, home environment and the genes they inherit from their mom and dad- physical skills such as balance, dexterity and endurance can help them gain pride, confidence and independence.

Promoting your infant’s social and emotional development.

The bond between you and your infant is critical to his or her well-being. Here are some tips to help you reinforce this sense of well-being, which is so important to an infant’s mental health.

Wednesday October 24
Promoting your toddler’s and preschooler's growth and development

While kids grow and develop at different rates- depending on their nutrition, sleeping habits, physical activity, home environment and the genes they inherit from their mom and dad- keeping an eye on how your child is growing and developing can help you identify areas that need attention. If a problem area is identified early enough, it’s usually much easier to correct.

Wednesday October 24
Protecting you and your kids from the sun

This will probably come as a surprise, but the fact is, 80 per cent of the sun’s ultra violet (UV) rays can pass through light clouds, fog and mist. So, even if you can’t see the sun, it’s important to protect yourself, your kids and other loved ones from its harmful effects - including skin cancer, sun burns, eye damage and premature aging.


Wednesday October 24
Protecting your child against bullying

Children need to feel physically and emotionally safe wherever they are. But for many children in our community, bullying is an everyday reality that makes their lives a constant torment. It needs to be taken seriously by parents and adults who work with children. It’s harmful. It can and must be stopped.

Friday November 30
Protecting your child’s hearing

In your child’s first few years of life, hearing is a critical part of his or her social, emotional and intellectual development. Even a mild or partial hearing loss can affect your child's ability to speak and understand language. This, in turn, can lead to additional problems later on in life.

Tuesday November 6
Protecting your family from second-hand smoke; getting help quitting

Part of having a safe home is having a smoke-free home.

Protecting your kids in cold weather
Protecting your kids in cold weather

There’s no disputing that Greater Sudbury gets its fair share of winter. But, it’s also the centre of a lot of fun, outdoor activities that can keep you and your kids entertained and on the move all through the snowy season.

Wednesday September 26
Safeguarding your child through separation and divorce

Some relationships fall apart slowly. Others end suddenly.  No matter how a relationship ends, lots of decisions have to be made, especially when children are involved.

Saving for your child's education

Just about everybody believes in the benefits of a post-secondary education. But, fewer than half of the Canadian parents who were surveyed in 2007 had ever looked into saving for their children’s education. Here’s what they would have found out if they had.

Friday November 30
Screening your newborn’s hearing

About four out of every one thousand Ontario newborns have some sort of hearing problem. Early detectiion is critical.

Storing and disposing of medications safely—information for parents of tweens

Do you store your prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications and vitamins in your bathroom medicine cabinet? Not a good idea. When misused, all of them can be potentially harmful—even fatal.

Supporting Aboriginal health

Aboriginal families living in and around Greater Sudbury have access to a wide range of culturally sensitive health-related programs and services. Many of these are offered by the Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre.

Supporting teenaged parents

If you’re a teen who’s pregnant or already a parent, get in touch with Better Beginnings Better Futures about its Baby’s Breath program. The program helps new moms and dads prepare for birth and parenting.

Taking care of your kids’ teeth

Making sure your kids take care of their teeth and gums not only helps to improve their personal appearance and sense of well-being, it can help them avoid serious health problems?while they’re still kids, and as they grow up.

Talking with your child about drugs and alcohol

You need to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol while they’re still young. According to the Partnership for a Drug Free Canada, parents can reduce the chances of their kids using drugs by half, just by talking with them about drugs.


This content was prepared and reviewed by the City of Greater Sudbury and its partners. However, it should not take the place of advice from your health care provider or other professionals working with you and your child. 

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