Being a "hands on" dad

Being a "hands on" dad

Having an involved dad can make all the difference in a child’s life. Fathers who are engaged and involved in their children’s lives make for happier, healthier children - and happier, healthier dads, too.

Being that kind of father doesn’t necessarily come naturally.

Dad Central offers lots of ideas about what you can do to be a good dad. Their New Dad Manual was written specifically for new dads, by other dads. It has tons of great ideas to help you excel at being a good father - set out in the format of a car manual. Neat.

And, if you’re a new dad, Hands on Dad is another great guide that walks you through what it means to be a dad, as soon as the baby arrives home

For fun activities that Dads can share with their children, check out the Best Start Calendar. Look for Family Fun Nights, offered by Best Start Hubs. These events give families a chance to get together for a light dinner and play time and are popular with Dads and working parents.

And, for the latest university research into what’s involved in being a good dad, check out this website hosted by the University of Guelph.



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