Preparing your child for a French-language school

Preparing your child for a French-language school

For many families, the decision to send their children to a French-language school is easy.  But, when only one parent is francophone, or in families where the parents grew up speaking French, but now speak mostly English at home, the decision may be more difficult.

If you’re thinking about registering your child in a French-language school—not to be confused with French immersion—check out these admission criteria set out by the provincial government.

And, begin planning early. The Bientot l'ecole website (in English) will help you as your child prepares to start school.

Meanwhile, here are some more tips to help your child improve his or her French-language skills and get ready for French-language school:

• always speak French to your child if you can

• ask family members who speak French to always speak French to your child

• enroll your child in a French-language day care, summer programs and recreational activities

• attend a French-language Best Start Hub (or carrefour Meilleur Depart).

• encourage your child to watch French-language television and listen to French-language radio

register your child as early as you can for kindergarten so he or she will be invited to the school-readiness program offered by the school board

Be sure to read your school board's admission policies. And, it’s a good idea to speak French when you meet with the admissions committee—to underscore your commitment to a French-language education.

Finally, to learn more about how to prepare your child for French-language school when you speak more than one language at home, check out this article from our site.


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