Webinar on Kindness, Empathy, and Social Emotional Learning

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November 15, 2017
4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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Register Now: New Webinar on Kindness, Empathy, and Social Emotional Learning

Free Webinar | Wednesday, November 15 | 4:00 pm EDT

Loved our Great Kindness Challenge introductory webinar this October? 
This webinar is a great follow-up or stand alone to your learnings!

Join us on November 15th at 4 PM EST for a webinar with The Great Kindness Challenge, Making Caring Common, a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Sanford Harmony, a social emotional learning program cultivating strong relationships between elementary students with SEL (social and emotional learning) education. Throughout the webinar, we will provide research, strategies, and activities for your social-emotional learning initiatives. 

In the webinar, we’ll explore SEL and provide research, strategies, and effective ways to implement on campus. As a takeaway, you’ll gather actionable insights from Sanford Harmony and the Making Caring Common initiative to promote empathy and kindness in elementary, middle and high school classrooms. Then, we’ll look at the social-emotional benefits from specific acts of kindness on The Great Kindness Challenge checklist. Register now!


(Note from Children Services- This is an American organization but we tried registering and were able to- we just had to choose a US state. The topic relates to programming for school age kids).