Helping your kids get enough physical activity

Helping your kids get enough exercise

Kids who are physically active are more likely to maintain a healthy body weight, grow stronger, be self-confident, develop better social and language skills, perform better in school and feel happier about themselves and their surroundings.

Parents will benefit from being active, too. In addition to being better role models for our kids, taking on a healthier lifestyle means we’ll be reducing the risks of developing a whole range of life-threatening diseases.

Check out these physical activity guidelines for kids up to age four, kids from five to 11, youth from 12 to 17 and adults from 18 to 64. These guidelines set out the minimum goals you should be aiming to achieve in order to help you and your family stay healthy.

There are lots of ways to stay active, and many of them are free. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Check out the City of Greater Sudbury’s Leisure Guide for information about programs like skating, swimming and skiing. 
  • Have a look at the Healthy Community Map for your area to find a list of recreational facilities in your neighbourhood. 
  • Check out our list of non-profit Sports groups and leagues in Greater Sudbury here
  • Go to Rainbow Routes to find trails for walking, running, cycling, skiing and exploring. The website provides information about each trail’s use, length and degree of difficulty, as well as which bus routes will get you there.
  • Find out what’s going on at the YMCA of Sudbury, and check out the assisted membership program for individuals and families who need help. 
  • Have a look at the our Calendar for family-friendly activities for physical activity- including free or reduced-fee swim and skate times and much more.

Meanwhile, here are some key resources you can use to get you and your kids on the road to a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Active for Life Magazine has lots of ideas to help parents promote their kids’ health and success.

ParticipACTION’s website is full of ideas about how to get your kids moving.

OPHEA's Teaching Tools ( offers ideas for all kinds of ways kids can be active by playing games.

Finally, check out these printable one-pagers on getting active and staying active.




This content was prepared and reviewed by the City of Greater Sudbury and its partners. However, it should not take the place of advice from your health care provider or other professionals working with you and your child. 

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