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Opening September 8 2015 YMCA of Sudbury Licensed Before and After School Care

Opening September 8 2015 YMCA of Sudbury Licensed Childcare Services Before and After School Care.

Welcome to Kindergarten Events at Sudbury Catholic Schools- May 5th to June 4th

Our Welcome to Kindergarten™ program helps prepare pre-kindergarten children for a positive start to their school journey. Parents/caregivers and their children attend orientation sessions at their neighbourhood school where they receive early learning and literacy resources, and learn how to use them at home.

Potential ETFO Strike - YMCA of Sudbury Day Camps

Ontario elementary school teachers will launch some form of strike action on Monday, May the 10th. This may mean that Sudbury area elementary schools are affected and schools subsequently closed. The details of what the strike will look like have not been released as of yet. Because of this, the YMCA of Sudbury Durham street will be offering Day Camps for the duration of the strike should it happen. These Day Camps will run from 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday and accept day-of registrations, advanced registration is not required. Unlike our regular Day Camps, payment will only be required on the day of registration due to the nature of the strike.

Parachute Safe Kids Week 2015

Safe Kids Week What is Safe Kids Week? Safe Kids Week is an annual public awareness campaign designed to raise awareness about the frequency and severity of preventable childhood injuries, which are the leading cause of death amongst Canadian children. 

Website Survey Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Survey Monkey Survey!!  The response was overwhelming!  The survey is now closed.  Your input will be taken into consideration as we re-design our website and  strive to offer the best visitor experience for our website users.  

The winner of the prize will be notified shortly.