Opening September 8 2015 YMCA of Sudbury Licensed Before and After School Care

Opening September 8, 2015 YMCA of Sudbury Licensed Childcare Services 

Before and After School Care.

Welcome to the YMCA of Sudbury Licensed Childcare Services. We hope this information will provide an-swers to your questions and will assist you in choosing YMCA Childcare Services as your childcare provider.

The YMCA provides a vital service to the families in our community by delivering high-quality childcare services. These programs are designed to deliver stimulating learning experiences in a safe and secure environment. The YMCA is proud to follow our Na-tional Curriculum called YMCA Playing to Learn, which offers opportunities to enhance a child’s physical, so-cial, intellectual and emotional development; in a fun hands-on approach.

Opening September 8, 2015 (subsidized spots available).

Our Curriculum

YMCA activities are designed to allow children to explore, discover and learn at their own pace and level of devel-opment. YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum provides an understanding of how play provides the foundation of learning to socialize, read and write, and for learning mathematics, science and technology.

The YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum provides educators with the skills to prepare spaces that are more conducive to learning, and the best practices to encourage quality-learning experiences.

Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday - 7:00am to 9:00am & School Dismissal to 6:00pm* Please note that extended care options will be based on demand

Full Fee Rate
School Age Before and After (4-12 yrs)  $15.50 per day
For further information please call 705.673.9136  ext. 2126